Thursday, May 14, 2009

Strange but true

I'm of the opinion that we don't need to read science fiction (though I do love to) to be in awe of strange possibilities in this universe. Here's a good example of one such wonderful possibility.

"The most recent twist in this strange tale comes from Monash University in Australia. Researchers there have theorized that some unexplained ship sinkings may have been caused by giant bubbles of methane. These bubbles are released occasionally when methane hydrate melts. If one of these bubbles comes up underneath a ship, the ship will briefly lose buoyancy (since its sitting on gas instead of water). Depending on the location of the bubble (experiments suggest that off to one side is the most dangerous), the ship may capsize. In fact, a sunken vessel has been found in the North Sea in the center of a large methane eruption site called the Witches Hole. As if drowning isn't bad enough, imagine your last sensation being the overpowering smell of rotting eggs..."
The author is referring to sewer ice. Oh and just for fun here's a picture of a rogue wave:

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