Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Browse away... you can browse away...

That's like the Pixies' song, you know... "Gouge Away". Anyway, enjoy:

1. Not a very happy story (video).

2. The risk of debt.

3. Actual facts about Canadian health care.

4. Socialists feel the time is ripe.


  1. I know I bring this up all too often, but I have to ask: if Canadians actually did have better health-care, and, say, much longer lifespans, should we adopt their system?

  2. I think there are a couple things to consider when answering that question.

    - Is the model sustainable, or are they just leaving future generations bankrupt?

    - Does it still permit sufficient innovation to make their lives even longer?

    - If it does both of these things, what economic principle are they relying on that we haven't discovered yet?

    The interview with Israel Kirzner that I posted sheds some light on the fundamental differences between mainstream academic economics vs. Mises and the more a priori type of approach. I think those differences are kind of relevant here actually.