Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fresh produce from the link farm

Today's produce has an artistic flair: choir, acting, drawing, and literature. They are plays on the theme of "totalitarianism" and control, a topic which has always fascinated me.

1. We're gonna spread happiness and freedom, we're gonna change it, we're gonna rearrange it, we're gonna change the world. Yes we can! (Other leaders have cheering squads to greater and lesser degrees obviously, but I couldn't find anything for other US presidents. If anyone does please send me a link.)

2. Fred Thompson absolutely kills it here breaking down exactly why spending more money will get us out of debt. He summarily ends the debate between Austrians and Keynesians. Hilarious.

3. A satirical look at the "Glorious Revolution of 1917", using the medium of cartoon.

4. A powerful short story about individuality, by Kurt Vonnegut.

PS - here's a fruit bat. So cool.

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