Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fresh Produce 6.11.09

Man things are happening so fast and getting so crazy.

1. Australian police will now also be "carbon cops". Excerpt:
"The Government is effectively saying to us, 'Ignore other crime types'," Australian Federal Police Association chief Jim Torr said. ... Mr Torr said breaking carbon trading laws would be like breaking other laws. "These offences will constitute another federal crime type, along with narcotics importing, people smuggling and all the rest of it, that the AFP will be expected to police," he said. "I can see very complex, covert investigations . . . a lot of scientific expertise required."
2. Macroeconomists can basically say whatever they want. Excerpt:
But macroeconomists can almost always claim to be right, no matter what happens. If they recommend Policy X and the economy weakens, they can say it prevented a complete disaster. If they say Policy X will hurt and things improve, they can say without it, things would have been even better. Being a macroeconomist means never having to say you're sorry.
3. Apparently we are embarking on massive new price fixing.

4. In further proof that things are really crazy, here is a meat dress.

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