Friday, October 16, 2009

Fresh produce 10.16.09

A lot of links today! Interventionism, the nanny state, and bureaucratic hubris are alive and well. Our colony in Asia... not so much.

1. Consumers can't buy any big screen TV they want, but Hummer is still in business (for now).

2. Australian children under two aren't allowed to watch "too much" TV, says the state.

3. This story foreshadows what will happen when entitlement payments are slashed en masse... You see similar human behavior in this scenario as well.

4. The latest "right" to be bestowed by a government to its people is broadband internet. Upon creation of this new legal right, injustice is created all over the world.

5. FRONTLINE over at PBS does an excellent job of reporting on Obama's war in Afghanistan. It settled the debate for me of whether or not the US is engaged in nation-building.

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