Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Universal Health Insurance - Government "Option"?

From Yahoo! News:
"The House is also proposing a mandate on Americans above a certain income level: People would be penalized as much as 2.5 percent of their income for failure to buy health insurance."
Isn't that convenient? Is there a business on the planet that wouldn't take advantage of the ability to levy a penalty on its non-customers for not choosing their product? How can ANYBODY claim that the Federal Government insurance plan will "compete" with private insurance companies when consumers are now penalized for not purchasing a plan?

If the government option is cheaper, everyone who is mandated to buy will likely choose that plan. This is about as competitive as putting ex-lax in the other teams' water cooler before hitting the field.

Imagine Best Buy telling Americans, "If you don't buy our TVs, DVDs, and video games, we'll send you a bill for 2.5% of your income." Of course, no one would pay that bill. Until Best Buy put out a warrant for your arrest...

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